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I can Blend! Jolly Phonics Certificate

Student:  K2-P1
Introduction: Jolly Phonics is a synthetic-phonics programme. It teaches the children, in a simple multi-sensory way, how the English reading and writing system works. In the first level, the following aspects would be covered.

1. Learning the Letter Sounds (including 42 basic sounds, short vowels and long vowels)
2. Learning Letter Formation
3. Blending (for reading)
4. Identifying the Sounds in Words (for writing)
Our special teaching method pays a different effort to teach students the technique of blending. Most of our students can blend from CVC to 6-letter word after finishing the course.

Jolly G​rammar Certificate

Student:  P1-S3
Introduction: In this course, we focus on grammar by using original Jolly Grammar materials. It's fun and simple. Proper nouns, common nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are all covered in the course. 

I can Write! 

Student:  K3-S3
Introduction: I can Write! is our brand new English programme in the new semester. Students always find it difficult to write sentences and composition. I can Write! is designed to help students to learn how to write and enjoy the fun with it.


Basic writing skill - Capitalization, punctuation, spelling, word order

Grammar- Adjectives, verb form, pronoun, linking word, questions…


Grammar - Comparative and superlative adjective, adverb, verb form, relative clause, subordinate clause, passive voice

Genres - Recount, narrative, reports


Free writing and creativity

Genres - Narratives, explanations, expositions, email, advertisement…

Cambridge Plus

Levels:  Starters I, Starters II, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE
Student:  K2-P6
Introduction: Cambridge YLE is designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged by working towards certificates and earning the ’shields’ that record their progress. Examination consists of four different tasks: listening, speaking and reading and writing. Students in Bon Kids are encouraged to learn independently and monthly progress will be reported to parents.

Other classes including

All-rounder Study Class
Daily Tutorial Class
1 on 2 Intensive English Class
Jolly Phonics Preparatory Course

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